Fleetos key Features

Complete Security System :
Complete operational security system with eight different logic statuses to detect break-ins and report to the center.

Arm From Lock Pulse :
Option for arming from the door' locking pulse, in case of existing alarm system.

Power Warning :
Warning transmission whenever the main power cuts.

Trigger-Before-Transmit :
Option to start alarm before sending a transmission, to avoid false alarms from owner.

Towing Detection :
GPS-based detection of movement while the system is armed produces a towing alarm to the center.

Backup Battery :
Backup battery is included on board to detect and keep transmitting information in case of main power failure, usually due to beake-in and tempering with the GOS threshold.

6 Disarming Devises :
Six disarming devises are available, including keypad, remote control, remove control with keypad on-board, button, headset, RFID.

Gradual Stop :
Option to gradually stop the vehicle by using an external relay over the fuel pump. The parameters to set the gradual delay and pulses speed are all programmable.

Led Indication :
Led to indicate the current alarm system logic state.

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