Heavy Equipment Management

Fleetos HEM provides solutions for fleet managers to manage heavy equipments working in out-sight of construction as well as agriculture. It isquite difficult for fleet manager to manage all dispersed heavy equipments indifferent sites at a time. It is also difficult to track machine, workinghours, maintenance. Based on this information project manager comes to knowabout billing, invoicing, maintenance and for other business purpose too. In ageneral manner all information are collecting manually. Because of inefficient,time-consuming, error-prone information, wasted manpower, under-utilization,misplacement, faulty maintenance and occasionally catastrophic failure or theftmany enterprise may lose their assets value.

Fleetos HEM is a GPS,GSM, GPRS based wireless solution for managing fleet vehicles. A vehicletracking system unit is installed inside the fleet. That VTS unit automatically sends tracking updates based on its individual time interval when fleet’s engine ON or OFF. Each tracking updates contains fleet’s GPS based location,fleet’s moving, idle, stop or lost GPS status, Fleetos HEM also helps tomonitor the fleet’s performance, driving behavior, can send real-time alertnotifications if any emergency problem occur as well as engine running/workinghour.

Fleetos Heavy Equipment Management System Features

In Fleetos HEM: A vehicle tracking system unit is installed inside the fleet.The VTS unit automatically sends tracking updates based on its individual timeinterval when fleet’s engine ON or OFF. The tracking updates time interval canbe customized as per user’s requirements. Each tracking updates containsfleet’s GPS based location, fleet’s moving, idle, stop or lost GPS status aswell as speed, location, engine status and many more.

Fleetos HEM user can view fleets current –show where the fleets arelocated now and historical – where the fleets have been in past.

Fleetos HEM user can do Real-Time Monitoring as well as Remote Controlling to get current fleets status as well as remotely control fleets by sending configuration command as well as control commands.

Fleetos HEM Daily Activity Report contains all history of respectedfleet of requested date.

Fleetos HEM Engine On-Off Report in which user can list of all engineon-off alerts of fleet including date-time and place name.

Fleetos HEM Fleet Working Hour Report contains fleet’s informationregarding start time, end time, start location, end location, total travel timeas well as travelled mileage.

Fleetos HEM Fleet Working Hour Summary Report contains all summary ofwork hour reports include work hours as well stop hours for all fleets.

Fleetos HEM Alerts Report in which user can list of all alerts occurredin fleet. With the help of alert reports user can have better idea of fleetdriver’s driving behavior.

Fleetos HEM Waypoint Report in which user can specify up to 65 locationscalled Waypoints, when each fleet approaches and/or departs each waypoint. Forexample a fleet has to pass through customer’s sight, warehouses, constructionsites, farms as well as fields.

Fleetos HEM Geofence Report in which user can specify up to 65 areacalled Geofence, when each fleet approaches and/or departs each geofence. Wecan define time base geofence in which we can schedule fleet’s time in whichfleet must have to enter or exit in geofence on preconfigured time interval.

Fleetos HEM Fuel Usage Report in which use can see the fuel usage inchart. By the list of fuel use in report user can get clear idea for fuelinjection in fleet as well as fuel pilferage in fleet. Fuel usage report maycontain list of fuel injection alerts and fuel pilferage alerts too.

Fleetos HEM Mileage Report in which user can have better idea fordriver’s driving behavior, impotence in maintenance and effective costreduction using expense reports.

Fleetos HEM Over Speed Report in which contains list of all over speedalerts, using that user can justify driver’s driving behavior, impotence in maintenance.

Fleetos HEM Alert Notifications, if any high priority event occurs, FleetosHEM give real-time notifications as Text Message as SMS or notification canalso send via Email. Fleetos HEM high priority alerts listed below:

» Engine ON, Engine Off
» Second Engine ON, Second Engine Off (if fleet have)
» Speed Violation – Over Speed
» Geofence Enter, Geofence Exit
» Low Battery, Battery Connect, Battery Disconnect, Battery Tamper
» Backup Battery Connect, Backup Battery Disconnect, Backup Battery Tamper
» Curfew Violations – generate alert when fleet engine turns on during aprohibited time period
» Fuel Injection, Fuel Pilferage
» GPS Antenna Connected, GPS Antenna Disconnected, GPS Antenna Tamper
» Waypoint Enter, Waypoint Exit
» Enable Power Saving Mode, Disable Power Saving Mode

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