Terms & Condition

Term & Conditions

Term & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

* If Location, Fuel, Speed etc. Is Not Known To User Due To Network Problem

In Such Case Company Is Not Responsible.

* No Responsibility Of Company Arises If Device Is Physically Tempered (Cutting Of Wire, Change The Device Position etc.

* Installation Charge Is To Be Paid.

* Visiting Charges Is To Be Paid In Case Of Solving Problem By Personal Visit.

* Time Period For Payment Will Be 15 Days By Cash/Cheque In Case Of Cheque Bounce Another 5 Day Will Be Given But After Finishing Of Time Period Steps Will Be Taken.

* No Responsibility Arises Of Company In Case Of Expiring Warranty Of Device.

* Additional Charges Will Be Paid By Client In Case Of Repairing Or Updating Device Or Any Services Additionally Taken By Client.

* In Case Of Monthly Recurring Time Period Of Payment Is 10 Days And If Time Period Finished 100 Rs, As A Penalty And Extra 5 Days Will Be Given To Client.

* On The Finishing Of 20 Days Time Period Account Will Be Terminate Without Any Showcase

* Complain Will Be Solved Within 48 hours in Vadodara District.

* Complain out of Vadodara will be solved within 72 hours

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